682 percent growth in number of Income Tax Filing in India

682% growth in income tax filing. Picture source: Times of india

In a series of tweets, Income Tax Department has informed that there is 681.69 % growth in tax filing in comparison to last year.

The official tweets mentioned, “Stupendous growth in the no. of returns e-filed by persons availing benefit of Presumptive Tax, with 1.17 crore returns having been filed upto 31st Aug,2018 compared to 14.93 lakh returns upto 31st Aug,2017 registering a massive increase of 681.69%.

“Upsurge of 71% in the no. of Income Tax Returns filed upto 31st August,2018! Total number of returns e-filed upto 31/08/2018 was 5.42 crore as against 3.17 crore upto 31/08/2017, marking an increase of 70.86%. Almost 34.95 lakh returns filed on 31/08/2018!”

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