An Interactive Programme With Dr. Rajendra Dhamne and Dr. Sucheta Dhamne

October 6th, 2018: Maharashtra Mandal, HK organised an interactive programme with Dr. Rajendra Dhamne and Dr. Sucheta Dhamne at Hong Kong Visual Art Center.

Dr. Rajendra Dhamne and Dr. Sucheta Dhamne have established a trust named “Mauli” in 1998 in Ahmednagar (Maharashtra). This trust provides a lifelong home and care to homeless, destitute, mentally and terminally ill women, and their children. As name signifies, “Mauli” (means “Mother” in Marathi) provides a motherly care to all its inmates.

The interactive programme was started with deep prajwalan (lighting up the lamp). Later, the couple shared their extraordinary journey. The journey included the difficulties they faced, setback they received, and few successes they tasted over these years. The question and answer session was followed by their speech.

The programme ended with Pasaydaan (Marathi ovi/verses ) composed by saint Dyaneshwar.


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