Balvihar Classes for kids in Hong Kong

In a joint family system, we had grandparents at home who used to teach kids about values through moral, ethical and cultural stories. That helped kids to understand their cultural background as well as build a strong foundation needed for them to face the difficulties in the life.

Although no one can replace grandparents’ love and affection, but grandparents’ teaching is, now, been imparted by Chinamayswami’s Mission through their well structured Bal Vihar classes.

For 2018, the classes for children starts from August 27th. The very popular ShishuVihar and BalVihar classes are held throughout different areas of HK making it easy for your children to attend. Learn the stories of the scriptures, Bhajans, arts and craft with our experienced Sevikas. Information below or contact 2367 3390 for more info.




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