Blink of the Eye, An Art Exhibition by Nikil Inaya

Coinciding with the Hindu festival of Ganesh Chaturthi that celebrates new beginnings and the removal of obstacles for growth, Nikil Inaya presents a contemporary take on life as an Indian painter working in Hong Kong with his thought provoking debut in the city.

In an effort to promote respect for diversity amidst growing cultural tensions on the world stage, Nikil Inaya unveils a collection of paintings and poems exploring parallels with the Indian iconography of Vedic scriptures and the Western allegories of Milton and Dante.

With Hong Kong as a backdrop, the exhibition offers a viewpoint to acknowledging the intermingling dichotomies at play in this city: of ancient and modern; of contemporary and traditional; and most relevantly, of East and West.

In his own words Inaya says: “All my life I have felt like an outsider lost in the forest and trying to find a place called home. There is no Devil lurking in the furnaces and no God dwelling in an interminable sky: both reside within us and we are the actors and directors of our conscience. As a painter, I examine how the eye is an invitation to the external stimuli that shape our awareness of conscience and deliberate our thoughts and actions. With a blink of the eye we sustain this ongoing endeavour of insight to conduce and confront the passions that drive us with such existential queries as the boundaries of attachment and detachment, and the idealisation and devaluation of language and its limits.

Simply put, painting is a catharsis to the awareness of the psychological challenges we face by trying so hard to belong. This show is a tale of my personal struggles to find spiritual peace in our increasingly materialistic state of living.”

Blink of the Eye: A Divine Comedy is open to the public and runs from Wednesday, September 12th to Monday, September 17th at Hong Kong Visual Arts Centre. 25% of the sales from the show will be donated to The Samaritans.

About Artist: Nikil Inaya was born in 1995 in Bangalore and lives in Hong Kong. He is currently a painting major at Savannah College of Art and Design.


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