Don’t Panic in the Protest- Indian Businessman shares his experience of getting caught in the protest

How to protect yourself during the protest and disturbing situation in Hong Kong? Hear it from Anand Sethi, a prominent Indian Businessman of Hong Kong who had first hand experience of getting stranded after protest.

Good Morning Everyone. Yesterday evening I and my family went to TST for dinner. We were stranded as buses and MTR all closed down by 9 pm. Uber was not working, and taxis refused to take any passengers based on location. I wanted to return to Shatin but there was no way. We got into the train in Hung Hom the train was packed and it didn’t leave the station for 10 mins after that the lights were turned off and the MTR announced, ‘the station is closed’.

We were stranded. After 12.30 am buses resumed to normal and uber was available freely.

During the time we were stranded many private cars was willing to take us to my place from TST for 800-1000.00 dollars but since we are born in Hong Kong we are part of the Hong Kong fabric. We know the trend.

So I explain to all of you over here. If you are ever stranded do not panic do not encourage drivers to take you for a premium back home. The safest place for Indians is to reach outside Chungking Mansion go to the 24 hour McDonalds and take shelter, the only McDonald which will never close during any type of crisis in Hong Kong. This area is the safest in terms of any crisis.

Wait until 12.30 am and then uber and buses will all be available to take you back home.

Hong Kong Shut down during protest

The protest last night happened as Carrie Lam added fuel to the fire by putting a ban to anti mask law. She should have calmed the situation down and as MTR belongs to the Government they wanted to carry out a personal vendetta against the Protestors so they stopped MTR services completely.

I was taking an uber ride back to access the damages and trust me it was more hype than what actually happened last night.

The damages was in certain areas and only MTR and Govnt properties were harmed.

General public so far and private businesses have not been harmed so far.

So as last time a family was stranded at Disneyland, I just want to remind everyone, do not panic and wait until 12.30 am wherever you are before everything is back to normal. This is a pattern I have observed ever since the protest started.

Dont believe in what you hear or read in the papers unless you see it for yourself and record the incidence by yourself.

The protestors war is with the Government not with the public. The public gets stranded but it’s ok.Do not panic.

Find a 24 Hour McDonald shelter and the best one in TST is opposite Chungking Mansion on Peking Road. Wait patiently until 12.30 am before everything becomes normal accept MTR or ferries which are Government owned as buses are private owned so they resume operation after 12.30 am. Dont encourage the local notorious taxis of Hong Kong and just be patient before reaching your home. This I am writing live with my personal experience. There is no need to panic or cause any panic with these protests… Jai Hind!!

by Anand Sethi

Anand Sethi is prominent Indian Businessman of Hong Kong.

Disclaimer: The views expressed here are those of the author and do not necessarily represent or reflect the views of PGurus.


3 thoughts on “Don’t Panic in the Protest- Indian Businessman shares his experience of getting caught in the protest

  1. You are right. I was stuck in a pub in the New Territoriies, and I also wondered how I would get home as there were no minibuses or taxis. I was afraid I would have to walk,m which wouldn’t have been fun following several hours in a pub. But after midnight, taxis started to appear, and I was able to catch one home. BTW, I also stopped at McDonald’s to pick up a snack to eat after I got home.

  2. Mr. Anand Sethi, a prominent Indian businessman? How is it that we never heard of you or see you at Indian business gatherings?

    If you truly believe Hong Kong is your home then don’t condone the violence, doesn’t matter who is instigating it.

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