Father’s Day celebration among Indians in Hong Kong

It is believed that the Father’s Day celebration was started by Sonora Smart Dodd, who was born in Sebastian County, Arkansas in 1982. She, along with her 5 brothers, were raised by her father William Smart after her mother died when she was only 16. To honor her father, she started Father’s Day celebration to mark his birthday on June 6th, that later pushed to June 19th.

Since middle age, the Catholic countries started Father’s Day on March 19th (Saint Joseph’s Day) to honor fathers and celebrate fatherhood and parental bonds in the society.

After Christmas and Valentine’s Day, mother’s day and father’s day celebrations have also blended well in Indian society.

Check out few pictures of Indians celebrating father’s day in Hong Kong.

“To be a daddy, is something special Teaching you is a learning experience for me to enjoy from little things .You make us a complete family” said Chandratre.
“I’m overwhelmed by the efforts you both put in. Love you both.” said Devang Babla

“Overjoyed at my present status ( retired life spending time with children and grandchildren ) Let all Fathers feel the same like me.” said Sudha Dilip’s father.

Mr.Raju Sabnani, President of Amigos The Young Millionaires Group celebrated their monthly men’s dinner event in a grand gala way with India Pakistan match at Namo Avant Thai Restaurant cheering for the passion for Indian cricket team and as being a Father’s Day the Monthly men’s dinner turned out to be a family event where members enjoyed the whole evening right from face paint, specially ordered T-shirts, canapés to Dinner and Father’s Day Cake cutting celebration with their better half and kids.

Popular Chef Sunita Roy with her father and her daughters’ father, some of the dishes she prepared on father’s day celebration.

Everyday is father’s day. Father’s Day shouldn’t be the only day we honor dad. All parents want to feel respected and loved every single day. Having a conversation over a dinner or tea as often as possible is a profound way to show how much you love his company. Asking him to share his struggle, his stories, his insights can be a great source of learning.

In Silence With Dad (Father’s Day Poem) by Sandhya Jane

I may not remember how many times you cradled me
But, I remember you when you hugged me
That warmth has no expiry
It has a lifetime memory

I may not remember you teaching me math
But, definitely remember you showing me the right path
This was your way
Always, wanted me to find my way

I may not remember tears in your eyes
But, I felt trembling voice in your goodbyes
It may be your strength
But, it blended in our wavelength 

When I faced difficulty in dealing with mother
You rescued me by saying – don’t even bother
It is a part of growing up
You are not at blowing it up

I was struggling for my independence 
Your reassuring voice gave me acceptance
It was that assurance
For my dependence

The silence grew longer and longer
As our differences grew smaller and smaller
You blessed me, I loved you
In those moments of blue

— by Sandhya Jane

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