Flag Hoisting Ceremony at Consulate General of India to Hong Kong

Consulate General of India to Hong kong along with Indian community members in Hong Kong commemorated the 72nd Independence Day. Consul General Puneet Agrawal unfurled the Indian tricolor and delivered President’s message to the Indian Community in Hong Kong. A short cultural program was also held in which the members of the Indian community participated.

A Message from Consul General Mr Puneet Agrawal to Hong Kong on Independace Day.

This year, we will be celebrating the 72nd INDEPENDENCE DAY OF INDIA ON 15TH AUGUST 2018. On this occasion. I convey my heartiest greetings to all Indians in Hong Kong and Macau. I also convey my best wishes to the people of Hong Kong and Macau SAR’S on this occasion. On this occasion, we pay tribute to Indian heroes in their struggle towards India’s Independence as we remember and revere the strength of Indian democratic system which brings the spirit of unity in the diverse culture that exists in India.

India and Hong Kong share a lot of commonalities. Both are connected through business as well as through culture. Both India and Hong Kong share pluralism and diversity, and this has contributed to a better understanding of each other. The Indian community in Hong Kong has acted as a connecting bridge between the functioning of the Government on both the sides. The Indian Government ha has given strong impetus on connecting overseas Indian with their roots.

I once again convey our best wishes on this joyous occasion to all.

Jai Hind!

Hong Kong Desi is sharing few pictures of the ceremony. 

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