Hartalika Teej Celebration in Hong Kong

Teej is meant to celebrate the goals and achievement that make your life full of happiness. Teej also referred to festivals celebrated by Hindu women in India and Nepal. Hartalika Teej in monsoon is dedicated to Lord Shiva. It is celebrated by Hindu girls and women by observing fast and offering prayers to Lord Shiva. Along with fasting, women and girls stay awake whole night and enjoy the evening with games, devotional songs, dancing to celebrate the union of Lord Shiva with Goddess Parvati.

Hong Kong resident Janhavi Wekhande Chandratre shared her Hartalika Teej celebration pictures with Hong Kong Desi readers.

While sharing her feelings about puja, Janhavi said, “after coming to Hong Kong, I missed India, Indian festivals, and celebrations. I started performing this puja since I was 12. I use sand to create Lord Shiva’s murti (idol) for puja. I keep murti on kalasha and decorate kalasha with vida, paan, supari, Prasad(fruits), diyas and flower rangoli.” She further excited to talk about her devotion and continued, “I observe fast for the entire day and we complete the visarjan (immersion) next day. The visarjan includes prayers and offerings (curd rice, corn and chana daal) to Lord Shiva.”
Janhavi and her daughter wishing you all Hartaleeka Teej.
Janhavi and her daughter wishing you all Hartaleeka Teej.

Happy Hartalika Teej from Hong Kong Desi Team!

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