Hong Kong Desi’s Diwali Charity Party: Moments and Memories

The season of Diwali parties in Hong Kong has begun. Hong Kong Desi hosted one on yesterday.

By keeping the main goal in mind, Hong Kong Desi hosted its first Diwali Charity Event at Namo Avant Thai restaurant, TST to raise the funds for Pudhche Paul (next step), a charity organization, who have been supporting flood victims in Kolhapur in India.

Mr Vikas Garg, Hon. Consul at Indian Consulate, Hong Kong Mr Rajkumar Sabnani and Mr Sohan Goenka, well-known entrepreneurs and philanthropists in Hong Kong, were guests of honor at the event.

The Diwali program was inaugurated by lightening the lamp by Mr Garg, Mr Sabnani and Mr Goenka. Everyone whole heartedly worshiped Goddess Laxmi for wealth and prosperity for Hong Kongers during this difficult situation.

The guests were welcomed with bouquet and traditional Indian Shawl.

The program had several highlights and it was primarily managed by talented kids as DJs, anchors, performers etc. This was to encourage and celebrate talent of the next generation by helping them to keep growing and competing on the world stage.

Janhavi Wekhande Chandratre sang a devotional song and Parul Gupta performed two bollywood items at the event.

Check out the video for more moments and memories of Hong Kong Desi’s Diwali Charity Party.

Diwali Charity Moments and Memories

The main attraction of the program was a high speed painting by Dr Pratishtha B Chaudhari, who completed her painting in less than eight minutes. The painting was appreciated by everyone. Later, it was auctioned and sold for HKD 5000. All the proceedings went for the charity fund. Hong Kong Desi deeply appreciate Mr Sohan Goenka, who bought the painting to support this noble cause. Both, Mr Sabnani and Mr Goenka, often, support and contribute towards various social and charitable causes in Hong Kong and India. People like them make this world a better place, and they also make us believe in the humanity and thgenerosity.

Dr Partishtha B Chaudhari is creating high speed oil painting

All performers including dancers, singer, anchors and DJs were awarded a certificate of appreciation by Mr Vikas Garg and Mr Rajkumar Sabnani.

Everyone attended to witness heart warming performances and tasted mouth watering dishes.

Food, we enjoyed at party

Hong Kong Desi team appreciate and value every guest for attending this program.

Wishing you all a Very Happy, Prosperous and Peaceful Diwali this year!!!

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