IIT-Madras creates ‘Shakti’, India’s first microprocessor

Image Courtesy: Dailyhunt

Shakti, India’s first indigenous microprocessor may possibly soon power the Indian mobile phones, surveillance cameras, and smart meters etc.  Shakti (means power in sanskrit) holds immense potential power that could change the several industries, including communication and defence. This microprocessor could reduce the dependency on importing microchips and related risk. If 14 nm uP’s with proprietary uP architecture license is mass fabricated, Indians will see mobile phones made in India, completely from scratch that could potentially break the US monopoly and boost the “Made in India” campaign.

Image Courtesy: Dailyhunt

IIT-Madras has designed, developed, and booted Shakti. Indian Space Research Organization (ISRO), has played a pivotal role by fabricating the chip in their Chandigarh laboratory to support the project.

Prof Kamakoti Veezhinathan, who led the research at IITM’s RISE laboratory informed the press that the Shakti, the microprocessor’s design is based on open source instructions, a set of basic instructions a processor understands, called RISC V.  Open source makes it customisable and compatible to any device. He further added that Bluespec, an open-source high level synthesis language, went into making the chips.


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