India Jumps 22 Ranks in Four Years in UN’s Nation’s E-Government Index

India has incredibly succeeded in jumping to the 96th rank on United Nation’s E-Government Index from the previous 107th rank two years back and form 118th rank in 2014. The Index shows how digitisation, technological enhancements and innovations have their impact on the public sector and how much they are transforming people’s everyday life.

The Division of a Public Administration and Development Management (DPAPM) of the United Nations Department of Economic and Social Affairs (UN-DESA) conducts a bi-annual e-government survey which includes a section titled e-Government Development Index (EGDI). It is a comparative ranking of 193 countries of the world according to three primary indicators:

  1. i) The OSI – Online Service Index that measures the online presence of the government in terms of service delivery;
  2. ii) The TII – Telecommunication Infrastructure Index

iii) HCI- Human Capital Index.


The surveys are carried out by a diverse group of hundred researchers online volunteers from across the globe.

It is a big moment for Prime Minister Narendra Modi who has been trying to digitally reform the nation right after forming the government.

After breaking into top 100 on the World Bank’s Ease of Doing Business Index in October 2017, this second leapfrog jump on the world’s platform has surely given the nation a boost. Coupled with technological reforms, the-ease-of-doing-business environment will certainly ensure more multinational firms investing in India in near future.


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