Makar Sankratri Celebration

Today is Makar Sankranti and Hindus worship Sun God as source of energy or life on Earth. It is also a harvest festival.

Sun was worshiped across the globe during ancient time. Ancient Roman worshipped Sol or Sol Indiges. Sol in Sanskrit means Surya, in Greek it’s Helios, in Latin/Italian it’s Sol, in French it’s soleil, in Germany it’s cognate etc from Mithraic/Mithras/Mitra (all again referring to Sun) civilisation.

Instead of accepting and respecting the facts about people worshiped Sun god in ancient times, they have been referred as sun-cult or enigmatic cult or Mithraic mysteries or pagan, unfortunately.

Sun God worshiped in Hinduism

Hindus have continued the practice of worshiping sun god till date to mark this celebration on 14th day of every January as Makar Sankranti denotes the entry of the sun into the zodiac sign of Makara (Capricorn) as it travels on its celestial path.

The festivities associated with the day is celebrated by different names in different parts of the country and neighboring nations…

*Happy Makara Sankranti* -_(AP , Karnataka, Kerala, Goa, Maharashtra)

*Happy Pongal* –(TN & Pondicherry)

*Happy Lohri* –(Punjab & Haryana)

*Sakraat & Makraat* — (Bihar, UP, Uttarakhand)

*Happy Uttarayan* — (Gujarat, Diu, Daman)

*Happy Suggi* — (Karnataka)

*Happy Magh Saaji* –(HP)

*Happy Ghughuti* –(Kumaon)

*Happy Makara Chaula* -(Odhisha)

*Happy Kicheri* —(Poorvanchal East UP)

*Happy Pousha Sankranti* — (Bengal & NE)

*Happy Magh Bihu* –(Assam & NE)

*Happy Shishur Sankraat* –(Kashmir )

*Happy Makara Vilakku* — (Like)

*Happy Maaghe Sankrant* — Nepal

*Happy Tirmoori* — Sindh Pakistan

*Happy Songkran* — Thailand 

*Happy Pi Ms Lao* — Laos

*Happy Thingyan* –Myanmar

*Happy Mohan Songkran* — Cambodia

Importance: This is the occasion of thanking the Almighty for a good harvest and seeking the blessings for the future. Festivals in India bring people together to share joy and some changes to the daily routine.

Food: This is a time to prepare and indulge in a lot of delicacies made of jaggery and sesame such as til and jaggery ladoos, patishaptas, jaggery and rice pudding, among others. Jaggery and sesame are good during winter to keep us warm.

People love to spend the day wishing each other, singing traditional folk songs and dancing. They light a bonfire and prepare sumptuous meals in the evening and enjoy the time together.

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