Ms Khanna Alleges Indian Consulate to Hong Kong: The Story Behind

Hong Kong Desi team investigated the recent post by Ms Khanna where she accused Indian Consulate official for the delay in obtaining her OCI card that did rounds on social media and WhatsApp messengers.

On the other hand, when our team contacted the Consulate, they told a different story. They mentioned that there were documentation issues in this case and consulate people were working beyond office hours to help the applicant. Due to privacy and service rules, they can’t reveal the details in the public domain. They further dismissed her allegations and declined to reply as they were considered baseless allegations. Officials mentioned that Consulate General personally wrote to Ms Khanna.

After speaking to few Indian consulate officials from other countries, we discovered that incorrect or incomplete supporting documentation are the major causes of the delay in the obtaining documents.In such cases there is very little the consulate can do to help them.

When the message was being circulated on social media, there were mixed reactions as both sides garnered some support with contradictory views.








Within same period there was another post by lady on social media asking about the process of obtaining the Indian visa.  She received contradictory answers. This implies that applicants need to study the application process and document requirements to avoid the delay in obtaining the official documents such as passport, OCI card, visa etc. 

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