NAMO Celebrates NaMo’s Victory

NAMO celebrates BJP’s victory in Hong Kong.

Anticipating the BJP’s victory, Mr Raju Sabnani who is big fan of Prime Minister Narendra Modi has organized an early celebration as election results countdown started in India.

NAMO invited Indian to watch Indian election results and distributed freshly made motichur ladoo to everyone. Mr Sabnani and his friends enthusiastically wore jacket with BJP logo and distributed t-shirts and other goodies having BJP logo to everyone in the restaurant to create a mood.

Mr Raju Sabnani with Mr Goenka, Artist Shweta Rastogi, Author Sandhya Jane, Investment advisor Riddhi Kothari Mehta

Being PM Narendra Modi’s fan, Mr Raju Sabnani has also named his restaurant as NaMo (MR Narendra Modi is popularly known as NaMo).

Here is the video has shows glimpse of celebration at NAMO restaurant.

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