Order A Cake in Hong Kong

cake is an integral part of celebrations. These days, everything about cake such as theme, texture, color, size etc. matters

Order A Cake

List of Bakers in Hong Kong

(alphabetically listed)

Angel’s Cakes Bakes


Facebook Page/Website: Angle’s Cakes Bakes


Ara cakes

Contact Jaya/Sharina:

Facebook Page/Website: Ara cakes


ASK eggless Cakes & Chocolates

Contact: Saloni Mehta

Contact: +852- 97113466

Facebook Page /Website: Ask eggless cakes and chocolates



Facebook Page/Website:  ASK eggless Cakes n Chocolates


Baked for you hk 

Contact Bijal: +852- 607 20 350

Facebook Page/Website: Baked for you hk


Baking Maniac


Facebook Page/Website: Baking Maniac


Blissful Frostings

Contact: +852-66232514

Facebook Page / Website: Blissful Frostings



Contact: +852-66294876

Facebook Page / Website: Brownieasmic


The Cake Blowssom

Contact: +852- 96272631
Facebook Page / Website: The Cake Blossom


My contact number : 63449181

Facebook Page / Website: Cakedelight




Facebook Page/Website: Cakeeta


Cakers n Bakers


Facebook Page/Website:Cakers n Bakers


Ckery HK

Contact Salika: +852 6312 9499

Facebook page : Cakery HK


Cakez N Bakez


Facebook Page/Website: Website of Cakez N Bakez


Cakes Bakes and More

contact Priyanka: +852-94533180

Facebook Page / Website: Cakes Bakes and More


Cake Secret


Facebook Page/Website: Cake Secret


Candy Sweet Temptations


Facebook Page/Website: Candy Sweet Temptations 


Deluscious Tidbits

Contact Gauri Venkitaraman: +852 61939934


Dhruti’s EGGLESS cakes

Contact Dhruti: +852-67066758

Facebook Page / Website: Dhruti’s EGGLESS cakes



Contact: +852-98286763

Facebook Page / Website: Fouettee


Flour Power

Contact Vandana: +852-53277250

Facebook Page / Website:Flour Power


Flower Power


Facebook Page/Website: Flower Power


Harsha’s Cake Corner

Contact: Harsha +852 97579092


M’s Oven 

Contact Monica: +852-92348628
Facebook Page / Website: M’s Oven


Party Mate cakes


Facebook Page/Website:Party Mate Cake



Contact Details: +85297735508 or theteam@prishpops.com

Facebook page / website : https://www.facebook.com/PrishPops/


Radha’s Delight

Contact: Shivani 

Tel: +852 5118 4116 

Facebook Page/Website: Radha’s Delight


Reema’s Cake services

Contact Reema: +852- 61026153

Facebook Page: Reema Shankar 


Sugar Bar

Contact Sanjali : +852-9278 8850

Facebook page / Website: Sugar bar

Sugar Blushby Liral 

Contact Liral : +852-5574 4119

Facebook page / Website / Instagram: #cakesbyliral


Sweet Delight

Contact Sonia: +852-64033724

Facebook Page / Website: Sweet Delight


The Cake Blossom

Contact Swati: +852-96272631

Facebook Page / Website: The Cake Blossom


The Cake Lady

Contact Kajal: +852- 94227442

Facebook Page / Website: The Cake Lady


The One Bakery


Facebook Page/Website: The one Bakery


Totally Baked by Jotimann

Contact Joti: +852-98137437

Facebook Page/Website: Totally Baked by 


Two Lil Bakers

Contact Elizabeth:

Facebook Page/Website: Two Lil Bakers

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5 thoughts on “Order A Cake in Hong Kong

  1. Have tried chocolate cake of Ara cake ad must say it was fabulous.
    Also have tried Joti mann pistachio cake, it was out of the world perfect.
    Lastly, recently got opportunity to try cake from Sneha Dugar..it totally gives homely feel and chocolate cake I tried totally meant for people who are more fond of more of bread content in cake.
    Nice article.. Would love to read some reviews from others so can try out in next passion 🙂

  2. radhe delight and Harsha’s cake Corner are both different can u pls correct it.
    mine is Harsha’s Cake Corner
    contact no.97579092

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