Jim Acosta kicks off a Controversy

“Press is NOT the enemy of the nation” – Jim Acosta from CNN kicked off the controversy

Washington DC: he repeated asked White House press secretary Sarah Sanders to say the press isn’t the enemy of the American people during the press conference. But, she didn’t.

Sarah expressed her disappointment and anger during the press briefing where she mentioned about the trouble she was going through. She also expressed her disappointment over the press commenting on ‘her looks’ as well. Further, she mentioned that she was the only press secretary to have secrete services to protect her.

Acosta walked out of the press conference and later, Acosta said, “It is un-American to come out here and call the press the enemy of the people.” The same was tweeted by CNN, (cnn.it/2n8vmGK)

Although first daughter, Ivanka Trump mentioned that she didn’t agree, but Alice Driver said that Ivanka Trump’s ‘Good Cop” is a “sham”

Angry citizen criticized CNN on twitter, “CNN is not ‘the press’ – 1st amendment refers to the right to a ‘free press’, not to one immune from criticism for its partisan dishonesty & constantly negative selective reporting by other people using their 1st amendment rights. President/supporters also have 1st amend rights.”

Another CNN critic mentioned, “Maybe #cnn should practice reporting without twisting it to make Trump look bad. Just be civil and honest.”



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