Priyanka Chopra Kicks Off Controversies After Wedding

Bollywood actress kicked off the controversies after marriage with Nick Jonas, an American singer, song writer, actor and record producer in Udaipur in Rajasthan. Priyanka Chopra faced serious flak for Hindu terror plot on ‘Quantico’ in June 2018. Majority of Indians strongly disapproved her act of participating in a show that maligned and humiliated Hindus  in India.

A month prior to her wedding, Priyanka had emotionally appealed everyone to celebrate Diwali without crackers as she suffered from asthma.

However,  she and her husband did not shy away from blowing off 10 truckloads of firework on their wedding night that shocked many.

In another controversy she, as a feminist, always advocated young girls against following rituals and strongly advocated to create their own identity. But, she didn’t follow what she preached here. Just check out the images of her contradictory messages.

After receiving flakes, priyanka Chopra changed her name and retained only her first name on Twitter.

Deepika Bhardwaj, a social media enthusiast tweeted, “If adding husband’s name, wearing sindoor, mangal sutra, chuda are things that feminists actually love and adorn at the first go as identity of a married woman, why brainwash the entire young generation of girls against it? Why brand them as tools of oppression?”

Although youngers in India idealize the bollywood actors and cricket players, but such frequent hypocritical acts are repelling and confusing to many. 

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