RSS silently helping in Kerala

Twenty thousand workers from the RSS (Rashtriya Swayamsevak Sangh) silently doing yeoman service in the Kerala floods by participating in relief works. Four of them have laid down their lives in this selfless service. Below is an excerpt from a friend’s post…

No media is covering them (the RSS workers). Let me tell you what I heard from the Sevabharathis (Seva Bharati is a non-governmental organization in India working for the economically weaker sections with a special focus on socioeconomically marginalized, tribal and indigenous communities.) …

They are working round-the-clock since the beginning of the disaster. I asked why they were doing the job without any hullabaloo;   they said, first of all, they don’t expect any credit. Secondly, they are allowed to perform the relief work only if they DON’T get covered by media or they may lose some limbs. Commies are good at chopping. Not vegs. Thirdly, the media asks them ( this is the worst part) to pay if they want to be covered. These people are not interested. They just work selflessly. And get cursed for that.

At least we must realise and spread the greatness of this organisation far and wide.

Trucks with relief materials for Kerala flood victims



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