SCMP angered many Indians for publishing factually incorrect article on CAA

Mainstream media houses across the globe have covered the news and protest against Citizenship Amendment Act (CAA), however, most of them did not cover the bigger support people extended towards the bill.

Rally supporting CAA, Picture credit: Hindustan Times.

Many Indians living in Hong Kong have sharply reacted against the TikTok, the missing link between Hong Kong and Indian protesters? Because they considered the article was biased and factually incorrect as it ignored the massive support Indian Government received after passing the Citizenship Amendment Act(CAA). This CAA act was a provision to offer refuge to the persecuted minorities in neighboring countries.

Mukta Rasgotra says, “A hogwash of an article, that is a misrepresentation of facts and seems to be mostly riding on wrong information and propaganda related to CAA. The writer here is ignorant of the fact that CAA and NRC are two different issues, of which NRC is currently being drafted and hence cannot be used in conjunction with the CAA.

‪CAA has simply enabled fast tracking of the citizenship process of religious minorities from Pakistan,Bangladesh and Afghanistan who are facing religious persecution and have been in India before Dec 31, 2014. Muslims are NOT the persecuted minorities in these theocratic states, hence are not being included. And that is in no way related to any exclusion of Indian Muslims.

But the fact is that much of the unrest in India is because of the unethical and irresponsible sensationalism that is being peddled as hard-hitting journalism. It is all because political parties are spreading panic and hatred intentionally through wrong information. Now this issue has blown out of proportion and it’s not just about understanding the implications of CAA. They have made it more about Islamophobia.

Yes, it is important to have critical conversations about complicated topics such as immigration policies in a nation that is bursting with population. But we can’t have real conversations without all the facts in place,the public can’t have all the facts if the progressive press is so consumed by just the “Islamophobia problem” and moving  away from the actual context leaving the real issues aside.”

Nagaraj Janakatti refuted South China Morning Post’s facts by sharing the video that shows massive support towards CAA in India.

link to video that covers the massive rally supporting CAA in India

Indians in Hong Kong have also organized a gathering in support of CAA. Here is the link for the coverage of the article.

Vivek Sharma was equally upset after reading the article and he commented on the article, “To explain the scene in Hong Kong’s context, there have been protests in Hong Kong as well in the past few months but the difference between Hong kong and India protests is, in Hong Kong almost all of the people were against the bill, we did not see a single protest or march in support of the bill. All of them stood together.

But, in India there were huge marches and rallies in support of CAA also.  

I don’t agree with the author Romita in the article where she puts her biased view alone.

Even the owner of the post and we all know that, CAA is just a simple bill and it is clear to all that this bill has opened “ONE MORE NEW WINDOW” for the application of Indian citizenship for people coming under minority sections in any of the three neighboring countries(Pakistan, Bangladesh,Afghanistan). Those sections of people can’t apply through this specially made new window.  Now where does this say that Majority section of people from those countries can apply? This topic has not been talked about but still is made up and used as news which is misguiding people.

NRC (National Register of Citizens) may be known by different names in different countries but if you ask any person from any country, if their governments should have a record of all the people staying in their countries? The answer will be YES as  it is a good security measure facilitating the government to know if someone is staying illegally.

Now the protesters are saying that they don’t need NRC, as it will be a bias to the poor and the Muslim people. But that is completely wrong, it would be hard to believe if a person does not have any sort of identification document irrespective of his/her own caste,status or religion.”

We have studied similar laws as mentioned below in USA, which protects persecuted christians in another countries and offer them refuge. The writer never check these or any laws elsewhere.

US Immigration Laws supporting persecuted citizens:

Indochina Migration and Refugee Assistance Act: Passed on 23rd May 1975 by President Gerald Ford,this act opened arms to the displaced south East Asian citizens and the people troubled by the Vietnamese War.

United States Refugee Admissions Program (USRAP): this is a group of federal agencies and nonprofit organisations providing refuge to the people who have left their countries and provide basic assistance and self sufficiency through initial employment until their settlement.

Additionally, most of the countries including USA, Europe or even pakistan and Bangladesh keep the record of their citizen, however, when India wish to present National Record of Citizen (NRC), there is huge fear and misinformation is being spread across the globe. Every nation must decide their security provision.

Lastly, it is surprisingly why and how South China Morning Post SCMP) has missed the massive support Indians extended towards CAA. The crowd supporting this bill was at least thousand times bigger than that of opposing the bill .

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1 thought on “SCMP angered many Indians for publishing factually incorrect article on CAA

  1. Great article, great job.
    I’ve been following SCMP since the 1990s
    It has always excelled in covering negative news on India
    That was common even during the colonial times
    Just that its gotten a lot worse these past few years.
    It could be because its owned by Alibaba, or like other foreign publications with a leftist tint, the advent of Modi in 2014 have made them go berserk.
    What’s more, many in the Indian community who’ve written letters in response have complained that they rarely get published
    So much for free speech and different views that the paper claims to espouse!!!

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