Self-motivation: A Talisman to lead your life

Motivation is a confused term for most as we look outside to inspire us to do some work or achieve our goals.

There were great talents in past such as Newton, Aryabhatt, Chanakya Dr APJ Kalam or Babasaheb Ambedkar (to name a few) and were treated and taught the same way their classmates were. However, it was their effort and their hard work that made them stand out of the crowd. The sole reason behind their success was they had been self-motivated and were committed to their craft. They never look outside for inspirations. They kept doing better than what they did previous day, they would focus on improving their skills and kept on achieving them.

We often hear complains about parents who couldn’t send their kids to the best of the schools or our teachers who didn’t teach us well or the boss who didn’t give us an opportunity when we wanted. If we introspect, we will realize that not only institution or any teacher or any mentor, in particular, can help achieve you your goals. These all are catalyst in your life and work perfectly when your inner equations of determination and self-enhancement are in place.

Edison was thrown out of the school due to learning disability and he was home-schooled. Later he introduced ‘light’ to the world and we are indebted to him for that.

Chanakya’s didn’t learn in classroom how to build a great nation. It was an unending quest on his own that gave him the wisdom and spiritual power to become the torch-bearer of one of the greatest kings of Indian history.

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Dr Kalam’s parents didn’t send him to the best of the school nor did his teacher launched any missile. He himself had metamorphosed his knowledge hunt into the ‘wings of fire’ that helped India developing missiles and he became India’s missile man.

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Dr Ambedkar studied standing outside his school and living in other’s home while completing the studies. When he was in England he had one dress to wear, wash and wear again. And, there was the day when he wrote the Constitution of India and helped making India the largest democracy in the world.

(Picture: Columbia University)

In fact, our present PM Modi couldn’t attend a college to complete his formal education. He studied at home and took external exams to complete his degree. Today, he is leading the nation of 1.32 billion people and succeeding bit-by-bit in fulfilling those billion dreams.

Our modern day heroes like Steve Jobs or Bill Gates did not get college degree to accomplish their goals. In fact, Bill Gate felt that the college degree was hindrance to his dream project as it could delay achieving his dream project.

All of them has one thing in common. Their undying endeavor to be self-motivated even in the hardest situations and testing times.

If we look at the nature, we realize that none is born to be taught in formal sense. A child with her innate traits, struggles to crawl and learn to walk eventually. The child perceives information from surroundings, processes that information and starts speaking.

Not just human beings, animals too, never teach their kids how survive in the toughest of the situations. They just learn on their own in the jungle.

Failures can never be instrumental in losing yourself and your self-motivation. So what if you cannot make it to get yourself a seat in prestigious institutions. So what you couldn’t manage to get the job you wanted desperately in first attempt. You can’t and you should never stop dreaming big and aiming for bigger goals in your life.

Stop whining about what you don’t have and focus on what you have and be grateful that you have it. Your experience and willing to learn new things are the only mantra to succeed in your life.

Learning and adapting to new circumstances and challenges is key to elevate yourself to the point where failure, despair and delusions will not matter in course of achieving your prime goals.


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