Standing Up Against False Narrative

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It is obvious and noticeable change in common Indians who are now not willing to take any false narratives build against them. They are determined, tech savvy, and eloquent that’s making them stronger to fight back.

 Twitter Head Jack posing with a photo against illusionary ‘Brahmanical Patriarchy’ kicked off the storm in India.

This tweet resulted into massive attack from right wing and center having right ideology which included prominent figures such as Ex-Infosys director, Mr Mohandas Pai, Economist and Author Hindol Sengupta, former diplomat Nirupama Rao and many others who openly opposed, this made Twitter India cut a sorry figure.

Hindol Sengupta also came down heavily on this picture.

In another appalling incident, a 27-year-old American evangelist John Allen Chau was killed as he landed on North Sentinel island, which is forbidden to outsiders, says local fishermen. As per BBC, he was shot with bows and arrows and buried his body on the beach. According to local officials, the deceased was a Christian missionary.

However, BBC news on Facebook received many comments supporting the aboriginal tribe whom John might have tried to influence.

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“For the Missionary who was killed for going where he had no right to be, I have no sympathy. He was breaching the law, though he was well aware he was disobeying the law, he gave more importance to his delusions and conceit. The wages of sin, as written in his own book, are Death. He was a predator with no respect for fragile people who have no immunity to alien diseases, neither of the body nor of the mind.” Quoted by Rohit Arya, a Hindu Guru. 


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#MeToo In India has sparkled since The ‘Aashiq Banaya Aapne’ actress, who spearheaded the #MeToo movement in the country, had earlier filed police complaint against one of the famous and veteran actor Nana Patekar accusing him of sexually harassing her on the sets of Horn Ok Please in 2008 which she backed out due to his unruly advances. Rakhi Sawant a Bollywood actress and a constant trolled personality for her bold statements and overall appearance was apparently also the part of the same movie, in support of Patekar in a media press conference she raised allegations on Tanushree stating that she ‘consumed drugs on the set and was unconscious for four hours’. She also went on to say that Tanushree is making such allegations because she is mad, she is out of work, finished all her money and is doing such things for mere publicity. Tanushree has hit back to this by filing a civil and criminal defamation case for Rs. 10 Crore (USD approx. 2 million) against Sawant for maligning Dutta’s character and image. Tanushree also stated that she doesn’t want to argue and has nothing against her personally, but she is sad that Rakhi has been misguided and has no direction or goal in life and further compared her to a pig in the sewer who actually enjoys the mudslinging but not the other way around. Since then, a number of women have come forward with allegations against names like Alok Nath, Rajat Kapoor, Subhash Ghai, Vikas Bahl, Subhash Kapoor, Kailash Kher and Sajid Khan.

The entire film fraternity including fellow Indians raised their opinions and comments on #MeToo



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