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International Women’s Day Special – How to Fight Back “labelling”?

Women’s International Day Special – Hong Kong Desi speaks to Manoshi Sinha, author of Saffron Sword. Manoshi Sinha’s book ‘Saffron Swords’ contains 52 tales of valor of our brave ancestors from the last 1300 years. “Our History books don’t describe the resistance offered and victories won by Indian warriors against Islamic invaders and plunderers and British. ‘Saffron Swords’ brings to you the valorous resistance offered by Indian warriors against Islamic invaders and British. It is an attempt to bring back that lost glory, that lost pride in our minds and hearts,” she said. This book, published by Garuda Prakashan, is now available on pre-order (https://www.garudabooks.com/saffron-swords/, https://www.garudabooks.com/saffron-swords-buy-5-copies/). The book describes the tales of valor of the aforementioned women warriors from the medieval period including other warriors, both men and women, from across the country.

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