Your Story – Grishma Mehta Jhaveri, A Talented Photographer

Today, we are introducing Grishma Mehta Jhaveri.
She is recently married, and shifted to Hong kong from Mumbai.
For her Photography came to be by chance, when she chose it as an elective during college.
Post selecting the course, she started assisting the maestro Dabboo Ratnani, an ace Bollywood photographer and learned all the technical aspects.
  • Thinking  About the Composition of a Photograph
  • Include a Subject in Every Photograph
  • Use the Rule of Thirds
  • The four points where the lines intersect are the strongest focal points of your image.
  • Watch the Background and Foreground
  • Lighting , shutter speed , aperture , iso etc
Grishma says, “understanding these concept rules were far easier to apply them whilst clicking. But things just started to fall in place with experience!”
Sample work –

“I still learn something new everyday,” She further mentioned, “and capturing moments is what I am passionate about weather it’s editorial, commercial, fashion, lifestyle, portrait, etc. I enjoy clicking people and their emotions.”
Grishma provides tip to aspiring photographers – A good photographer just doesn’t depend on the technical aspects it’s a about a team work – model , makeup hair , styling it all counts. So, acquire a little knowledge of it all – makes a good picture to create timeless magic!

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