Your Story: Meet Shweta Rastogi

In Your Story — An exclusive interview with newsmakers by Hong Kong Desi — this week we are presenting Shweta Rastogi, an artist with an unexceptional amount of talent.

HKD: Tell us about yourself, Shweta.

Shweta: I am Shweta Rastogi, a commerce graduate, fashion designer and a self-taught artist. I was born and brought up in Delhi, India. Before moving to Hong Kong, I have spent a few years in Mumbai as well.

Bringing my thoughts on a canvas in the form of a colourful painting has always remained a passion and an overwhelming experience for me. Over time, I started experimenting with different art forms which helped me grow as an artist.  I strongly believe that one can’t learn Art enough, and there is always scope to learn and improvise. I still feel that I am a student who needs to learn so much in this space, and this thought keeps me going.
Shweta Rastogi

HKD: How you were introduced to this art?

Shweta: I must say that I have been inclined towards Art from my childhood. However, I picked up this passion seriously during my time in fashion designing school.  Sketching glamorous figures and draping them in different cuts and colors for many hours a day remained my fond memories of the time.  This was something that reignited my interest in art. I still love leveraging those skills in my creations today.  Over the years, I developed and nurtured my skills by observing and studying works of various renowned artists, and by experimenting with different mediums and art forms.

HKD: What inspires you?

Shweta: My works are usually the reflection of my values and thought process. These are inspired by spirituality, human emotions and social issues. My works on spirituality and enlightenment portray the inspiration that I draw from Buddhism. I also love reflecting life in my paintings by portraying human emotions. Besides this, I strongly feel that Art is a very powerful medium to create awareness on social issues, and I try to play my part by reflecting on issues like saving animals or girl education in my paintings.

Shweta Rastogi loves to express emotions through her paintings.

HKD: What are your future plans?

Shweta: Following my passion in itself is a huge motivation and driving force for me. I want to keep learning until I die. Additionally, I want to continue creating awareness on social issues through my artwork. Giving back to the society always remains a strong objective for me, so I am looking forward to contributing more to the society through my art.  I am currently working on a few themes, and hopefully, will showcase my work in a few art shows in the near future.

HKD: What is your message to aspiring artists?

Shweta: There is art in each and every one of us and I believe that we have our own unique way to portray them. God has blessed everyone with this unique gift of art, we just need to explore ourselves and give our hundred per cent to it. Dedication towards your passion can do wonders.

A painting is a story without words where every image, stroke and color has a story to tell. I use my canvas to emote myself. From glamour to meditation, from beauty to affection, each work reflects some emotions which could be close to your heart!
Shweta’s Art Exhibition.

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